PKorn's Old Time Radio Trading Site

Welcome to my Trading site for Old-Time Radio Shows

Please contact me if you'd lke to trade for any of the shows I have here.

I'd prefer CD for CD, but could accommodate individual file trading.

Just because I don't have a show in the database doesn't mean I'm not interested in acquiring it.

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General Information

As part of my OTR hobby, I created a database of all the shows I had plus some shows I am interested in.
I started this site as an exercise in PHP (a scripting language for web pages) and mySQL (an open-source database).


My OTR database is searchable and Most reports are sortable
(You can search for a program name. Once looking at the individual shows, you can search Titles and Notes)
Each show has the following information:

Program Name
Airdate (if unknown, the default is "0000-00-00")
CD (if part of my collection, the CD is listed, if it is blank, then I don't have it)

Note (extra information about the file or the show)
You can sort a report by a column heading by clicking that heading. If the heading is not underlined, then the table is already sorted by that column.
Most (currently about 85%, wrking on the rest) of all the files have MP3 tags for 'Artist', 'Album', and 'Title'
See Note below for more information

A Note about Filenames

Titles in the database are NOT the actual filenames, merely a representation.
For consistency, I have used the following convention:
When dealing with a regularly-aired program (with known airdates), the file name will look like this:

JBen 380206 Jack Is Late.mp3

A Program Code (around 4 Characters), the broadcast date (in YYMMDD format), a description of the show (sometimes truncated for space reasons), and the file format (primarily .mp3)
If a program is missing date information, the airdate is omitted rather than using something like "XXXXXX". If part of a date is known, that information is included (e.g. sometime on 1953 would be 530000").

Reliability of Information

Most of the information in the database is taken from the filename itself.
I have NOT verified the contents of most of the files. As such, I cannot guarantee the reliability of the information. If I become aware of an error, I will correct the information as quickly as I can.

CD Information

After collecting many shows on random CDs, I decided it would be best to organize them by Program. Most of the CDs in the database contain one (or part of one) program. When my collecion of a program was small, I tried to gather them together in related topics.

MP3 Tag Information

I usually listen to my OTR files away from my computer and I wanted to use the MP3 tags. So, as I was organizing the shows onto program-specific CDs, I took the extra step of encoding MP3 tags. NOTE: Some of the CDs I have were directly acquired through other trading sites so they have not been MP3 tag encoded yet.

I encoded them like this:
Album: Name of the Program (e.g. "Jack Benny")
Title: Name of the Show (e.g. "Jack Is Late")
Artist: Code for show and airdate (if known) (e.g. "JBen 380206")